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Earning money Online through Affiliate Marketing!!!

Go fishing & enjoy online fun!

Yes, you can earn as much as $150 per day when you are serious enough to make good your association with Affiliate Programs.

Who said working very hard is fun? Come on! What is real fun is earning money easily and legally while making those who give you the earnings happy, and you have lots of time for yourself to really live, not simply survive. There is truth to the saying though that the beginning is half the thing. That is why, it is crucial that you have to make a decision to start and the soonest possible time you can start, the better. As the economist would say, "you are then converting immediately the foregone earnings to real earnings". Surely, you are only accummulating forgone earnings if you are not starting now because your potential to earn on a particular activity or venture, e.g., through Affiliate Programs, is just then simply a potential.

But please do not have the delusion that everything would be like picking strawberries and money would simply flow to your accounts without some serious interventions on your part, particularly during the early part of your money making adventure. Of course, there is the highly efficient and helpful Affiliate Program Team to assist you but you have to do your part. For instance, you need to learn or understand how Yahoo sponsored search works.

You can not escape from the proverbial learning curve that you have to overcome, much like learning to walk. Surely, even the successful computer geek started with lots of fumbles and errors. However, if you decide now and persevere, the rewards are yours to reap. Millions are hitting the digital superhighways; countless individuals with access to the Internet would like to earn easily and legally while also wanting to express themselves by having their own website like yourself, for the whole world to view and appreciate.

When your turn comes, you could be like the lady below who can go anywhere with only a pair of bikinis and a laptop, enjoying the three s's (sun, sand & sea - the fourth s? - I don't know) and checking her earnings or maybe tweaking her website, or, you could be Vince, certainly enjoying life in style.

Wow! What a place! What a life!

Decide now to actualize your earning potentials and comeback here for recommended ideas, approaches or directions, particularly beneficial to beginners in the digital world, neophytes in Internet, zero or near zero knowledge of HTML or web authoring, which you might find useful and effective in your personalized strategies to maximize earnings.

About PersonalizedSoft

PersonalizedSoft is a digital business outfit principally oriented towards offering earning opportunities in the Internet that may require personalized strategies, developing and selling standard and functional software that could offer possibilities for personalizing its appearances, and providing other information that could be useful to those who are looking for additional earning possibilities that may need their personalized approaches. [Top]

Our Products

There are three categories of product offerings, namely:(1) those related to affiliate marketing or advertising; (2) developed software; and (3) useful information on health and eco-tourism. On the first category, the offering is only limited to IPower Web Site Hosting Solution and Affiliate Programs, e.g., Evrsoft Pure + Precise <HTML> Engine. On the second category, the following six (6) software are now being tested:

FileSecurityTools {view detail} Demo of FileSecurityTools We all have to secure our personal files from prying eyes even at home. FileSecurityTools provides four mode of securing files. Select Highly Secured Encryption(HSE), with exceptional encryption procedure, for your peace of mind. HSE is claimed to be the most secure encryption procedure, approximating the ultimate encryption algorithm based on quantum mechanics, i.e., the behavior of electron and neutron is completely unpredictable.
Would you like to download it?

Game of Generals(GG) {view detail} Demo of Game of Generals digital game GG is a digital version of a board game invented by a Filipino sometime in the 60's. The rules of the game are fairly simple, i.e., the higher military officials defeat the lower officials, non commission officers and privates; however, the spies defeat everyone, including the Generals, except the privates.

GGMessaging) {view detail} Demo of GGMessaging GGMessaging is a standard LAN messaging application software, with Game of General that can be played across the LAN. GGMessaging also has capability for file transfer or copy, file delete, rename and other facilities. It can be reconfigured to reflect specific preferences for its looks or appearances as may be desired by the user.

MyMediaPlayer{view detail} Demo of MyMediaPlayer MyMedialPlayer can play mp3, wav, midi, cda, mpeg and avi. It has two panels to list audio or video selections to play. One can play the entries of the two panels sequentially or one can choose, pick and play from either of the panels. It has a playlist that one can drag selections from either of the two panels. It also has facilities to rip music cd or convert cda to wav or to mp3.

MyMailer{view detail} Demo of MyMailer MyMailer is a classic e-mailer software. The important enhancement is its ability to combine individual e-mail addressess with Group addresses in one destination entry window. It has the ability to capture duplicate e-mail addresses included in a destination entry window before transmittal is effected. After transmittal, new e-mail addresses can be integrated in the list of contacts.

MyComboSuite{view detail} Demo of MyComboSuite Dubbed as a suite because it integrates various functionalities, i.e., a fairly good wordprocessor, file security tools, database, media player for mp3, wav, midi, cda, mpeg and avi, plus GG and a built-in WebBrowser of its own that uses a video clip instead of the usual progress bar to monitor the downloading process. The clip stops when the screen is completely populated.

All six developed software have various possibilities for the integration of suggested personalized looks or appearances to suit the preferences of those who would like to acquire the software. File Security Tools and MyMailer already implement sample features of personalized appearances. MyWebBrowser in MyComboSuite implements a personalized feature through a video clip to know that downloading is still progress. If no personalized appearances are requested, then the software will have standard form display. [Top]

Other Services

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